Monday, January 03, 2011

Questions about higher education in the era of autism politics

Strange way to start the year. And maybe this recent search from the University of Southampton is actually unrelated to the university. On the other hand, in the current era of autism politics, it seems plausible to wonder whether this is part of someone's assignment or coursework or whatever.

And if it is, is the question being asked about all autism researchers, or only autistic ones?


Adelaide Dupont said...

Early intensive behavioural intervention?

On one level, I'd be, now who does searcher think they are? (This is the part which thinks childhood and childhoods should be sacrosanct talking right now).

I can see on a cultural - social - historical level how it might be revelatory.

But "what difference does it make" to your research and the validity of it?

(Missing variable?)

Michelle Dawson said...

You would think that the issue of early intervention was important enough for better questions to be asked.

But I lost count a long time ago how many times I've been asked that question, as though it immediately settled all the scientific and ethical issues.